The Beijing Mother’s Guild (BMG) was created on a sunny day when Pauline and her friend Kaci decided to leave their kids at home and come down to the compound with two glasses and a bottle of wine. Pauline told Kaci about a blog she wrote called: "Mothers Guilt". Kaci understood "Mothers Guild" instead and asked Pauline how she could be part of this "Guild"...

The joke was not lost on them and Beijing Mothers Guild was born. They felt a need to have some time for themselves on the compound without kids around. A trend was born and they decided to branch out, organizing gathering with more drinks with more mothers in more places than just their residential compound. Kaci has since moved back to the USA, but she remains Pauline's partner in crime and the better half of the original Beijing Mothers Guild.

BMG is not about drinking wine: it is an unofficial organization that gives each mother a chance to be herself for a bit. BMG gatherings are organized in many places: on Pauline's couch at home watching Suits, at the hair salon reading a juicy magazine, or at one of the mother's favorite restaurant with all the mommy friends. BMG is about filling up your happy cup, after which you can return to the demanding chores as a mother and wife.

BMG is a space without an actual address, a space for mothers who need time to reflect, relax and recharge.
BMG is a space where mothers can vent, laugh, cry and be honest.
BMG is a state of mind.
But most importantly, BMG is about not feeling guilty about the time a mother spends on herself.

Pauline has discovered firsthand what can happen if you don’t take care of yourself when becoming a mother. She is a survivor of severe postnatal depression. But the day she and her friends created BMG, something changed in her: the guilt got a bit less, and she realized taking care of oneself first benefits everyone - it is a duty. By taking care of herself on a personal level, allow herself time to breath, time to have fun, time to laugh and enjoy life, a mother becomes better at taking care of her family.

If you are a mother in Beijing looking for a laugh, an ear, a drink or a shoulder, come and join us to feel a bit less guilt and a bit more guild.